Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mental performance consultant?

A mental performance consultant is someone who can teach mental skills aimed to enhance performance (goal setting, mindset training, imagery, emotional regulation, anxiety management). They can assist in recovery from injury, help an athlete increase and maintain motivation, enhance team cohesion and communication, and optimize sport and exercise enjoyment.

Who can mental performance consultants work with?

I typically work with athletes, however, it is common for mental performance consultants to work with businesses, doctors, military personnel, and exercise enthusiasts. Mental skills training is not only for athletes. The mental skills taught transcend sport and can be applied to other aspects of life, helping individuals become more adaptable in any performance-related situation.

Can mental performance consulting complement other forms of therapy or training?

Yes. Mental performance consulting can be used while working with trainers, mental health counselors, or coaches.

What does a typical session look like?

A typical individual session is conducted over Google Meet. It can consist of understanding the athlete’s goals, gathering information about their sporting experience, teaching, providing resources or best practices on mental skills, and assessing for understanding.

Do you provide services for teams/groups?

Yes, I can host in-person or virtual workshops. These sessions are tailored to the needs of your team or group.

How long are individual sessions?

Individual sessions can vary in time between 40-50 minutes.

How often should I meet with a mental performance consultant?

Typically, I meet with athletes once a week. This gives us time to discuss competition, practice, outside stressors and can help teach and apply mental skills to their current experiences.

What are your prices? Do you offer any packages?

An individual session is $125 for a 40-50 minutes.

If you are interested in multiple individual sessions, I offer a package of 200 minutes for $500. This is often the more popular option, as it allows for flexibility in session length.