Mental Performance Consultant

Improve Sport Performance


My mission is to empower athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and competitors alike. The aim is to enhance the overall enjoyment of athletic endeavors, fostering a resilient mindset that turns challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Through tailored programs and expert guidance, I strive to cultivate a community where mental fortitude and physical excellence go hand in hand, ensuring every athlete reaches their full potential with confidence and joy.


An undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in sport science specializing in sport psychology. My experience includes working with collegiate athletes in softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer and wrestling, as well as both amateur and professional MMA athletes.

My Message

Wrestling for over 10 years, and being surrounded by athletes for most of my life, has given me the opportunity to understand the importance of the psychology and the mental aspect of sport. I have personally seen athletes break through, but also crumble due to the demands of their sport. Much like developing strength, speed and endurance, athletes can develop mental skills to work through challenges brought on by sport and during their sporting career.

The goals when working with athletes are to provide them with resources and skills that increase their level of performance in their respective sport, assist them with any issues that may arise throughout their athletic career, and assure mental and physical wellness.

How I work with athletes

While every session is tailored to an athlete’s specific needs, the initial session will consist of information gathering. This allows me to better understand who you are as a person, what goals you have, your strengths and weaknesses, so we can better work together. Sessions provide mental skills training for your individual skills and goals. Examples of topics that may be discussed include managing anxiety, motivation, goal setting, mental toughness, focus, managing injuries or negative self-talk. Sessions are conducted virtually and all of the information shared in a session is private and confidential.

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